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Register for CCC's free introductory webinars

We are offering FREE webinars to give you an overview of various business-specific topics. These are small, instructor-led (not automated tutorials) 30-45 minute sessions, customized for the specific audience. You will see the actual software in action and have a chance to get answers to your questions - while attending from the comfort of your office - no travel necessary. And as a Special Offer, if you sign up for one of our paid courses after taking the intro course, we will give you a discount off the standard price.

  • Choose the webinar that's right for you (click on the link below)
    - You will be transported to our Meeting Center
  • Click on SHOW ALL MEETINGS, then click on the Webinar of your choice
  • Fill out the registration form (each attendee must register separately)
  • You will then be enrolled and an email confirmation will be sent with a password and link to our virtual classroom
    - We will send you a reminder the day of the event

    NOTE: We recommend you arrive early to make sure your computer is setup to participate (this takes just a minute or two) - If you have technical difficulty, please e-mail us at

    Also If you have a microphone attached to your computer, you will be able to speak to the entire group. If not, then there is an area for text-based questions so you can still actively participate

QuickBooks: Which Version is Right for Your Business?
In this webinar we will look at the features of QuickBooks in relationship to your industry to see if QuickBooks is the right solution for your company and, if so, help you determine which version would be best for you. The course is customized based on the industries of the attendees so topics like inventory or payroll or point of sale may be discussed if that is appropriate for you.

Social Networking Demystified: Powerful Money Maker or Colossal Time Guzzler?
In this webinar we will explore the different Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and more) and if they can benefit your business. We will discuss how businesses are using these tools to market and make money AND how to avoid the pit-falls that waste your time.

Painless Accounting for Non-financial Artists: or How to Become a NON-starving Artist
In this webinar we will look at how understanding basic accounting and using automated bookkeeping applications can help you make more money. The old adage "artists are creative types who can't do business" is not only out-dated, it is used to keep artists from getting what they deserve. Every sucessful artist also has a handle on the business of art as well. We want to show you how easy it is to do the same.

Coming Soon
QuickBooks for Day Care Centers

In this webinar we will look at how QuickBooks can track your various funding sources, offer you better budget control, automate parent fees collection, and produce necessary reports for compliance - all specifically for Day Care Centers. If QuickBooks is the right solution for your Center, this webinar will help you determine which version would be best for you.
CCC currently provides Fiscal Technical Assistance to New York City day care centers on behalf of the Administration for Child Services (ACS) and the Day Care Council of New York. We also provide classroom training.

QuickBooks For Artists & Art Organizations
In this webinar we will explore how QuickBooks can automate your record keeping, present a more professional look in your invoices, track how much you actually make on a gig after your track all your costs, create a plan for fundraising and, if you already have funding, how to track your separate funding sources for year-end reporting.
CCC's instructor is on the faculty of New York University - School of Continuing Studies. We also provide classroom training.

Thanks and see you there!
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